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How to reinstall your Windows 11 or Windows 10, format the drive and reset everything without losing your programs and files

How to reinstall your Windows 11 or Windows 10, format the drive and reset everything without losing your programs and files

Usually, it is suggested to have the size of PageFile about 1.5 to 2 times your RAM memory. To tackle these situations, you can also use a nifty freeware tool Nirsoft BlueScreenView. The app looks into the system dump files and logs to figure what might have caused the problem. Alternatives include WhoCrashed and Reliability Monitor.

  • While system reboots keep tapping that key .Now choose Load Setup Defaults or other similar options to load default settings or factory settings.Now hit Enter to reset BIOS.
  • This is to ensure your external devices are not affecting the performance of your programs.
  • Once the disk drive has been formatted, check to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • The “Chkdsk” command, also known as “Check Disk command,” allows you to do quick troubleshooting via the Command Prompt.

Click on the restart, then press F4 to safe mode and F5 to safe mode with networking. This might take more than 1 hour to complete startup error can potentially be fixed by any of the solutions we mentioned above. This might take more than 1 hour startup error message? You are not alone, and we have got the solutions for this startup problem.

Building identical conda environments

Whenever you install something new, its values and keys are stored in the Registry. You can view and edit Registry entries in the Windows Registry Editor. Reset but keeps files will reset your regestry. It will restore your computer to a like new state, exept your personal files will still be included.

That will prompt the DISM tool to scan your computer for corrupt and broken system files; check the results to confirm if any file was replaced. Click Delete File on the confirmation prompt and Windows will permanently delete corrupt registry files and other selected files. A corrupt Registry is not to be taken lightly. It not only makes running your programs a mess, but at times can also make boot up and shutdown of your PC a drag. We hope one of the method from above did the trick for you, and you’re no longer suffering from a corrupt Registry problem now.

In the Command Prompt, type the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and press Enter to run the DISM tool. Enter the search term command prompt, right-click on Command Prompt in the results, and select Run as administrator. After identifying a potentially corrupted msi file, try replacing it with a clean copy. If your problems disappear, it’s likely because the original file was corrupted as well.

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Although Windows will reinstall the most recent drivers for most of the hardware. To sum up, both of them can fix system errors, you can choose to reset Windows 10 keep files or remove everything, including the installed apps and personal files. If you really want to keep everything, please try the methods below to refresh Windows 10 without losing programs.

Run CHKDSK to Check for File System Errors

Some systems will give this option after you press F12 or F10 button. When you hit the install button, it creates two partitions on the USB disk. It will show you a couple of obligatory warnings.